CD Release show TONIGHT!

Tonight is the CD release concert for my new album, “Of Minutiae and Memory,” where I’ll play the album live!  It’s at Drom in Manhattan on the Lower East Side, please visit the calendar page for all the details…I’ll be playing electro-acoustic compositions by Joshua Penman, Anna Clyne, Paula Matthusen, Wil Smith, Missy Mazzoli, Ryan Brown, Stefan Weisman, and Derek Muro.

And I got a review in the New Jersey Star Ledger this morning:

Of minutiae and memory
Jody Redhage; cellist (New Amsterdam)
Cellist-singer-composer Jody Redhage’s distinctive, discerning taste and her masterful command of her instrument make her new, electronics-heavy recording one of the most memorable of the year so far.

While immediately accessible, the works by various composers (not herself) compel full attention with optimal use of genre-defying instrumentation.

Ryan Brown’s “the light by which she may have ascended” exemplifies the unusual juxtapositions that fill the compilation as what sounds like playground noise is matched by a stately, meditative cello part featuring a simple motive repeated, layered and developed — elegant order amid chaos.

Anna Clyne’s anxious “Paintbox” uses amplified gasps within a fabric of fidgety beats and deep, slightly ominous cello and a brief choral interlude. In its urgency and sonic palette, it makes for a smooth transition into the title work by Paula Matthusen, which draws heavily on Medieval-style chant.

Redhage’s pure, girlish voice is at its best in Derek Muro’s “Did You See Me Walking,” a meandering, folk-inflected melody over light accompaniment mixing sustained tones with rippling plucked passages.

— Ronni Reich

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