Spirit of the Garden Song Cycle

My new chamber band Rose & the Nightingale played Monday night, and I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such amazingly talented virtuosi women in my group.  Sara Caswell on violin, Leala Cyr on voice & trumpet, and Laila Biali on voice and piano–the three completely threw down and offered their full-on goods to the audience.  These ladies have such strength and ability to connect with the creative source!  I kept getting emotional and had to remind myself to keep it together!  It was a really moving experience to have these ladies playing my music, and I truly, fervently hope that we may have the opportunity to perform for many, many people.  We played my Spirit of the Garden project–a song cycle featuring poetry celebrating the sublimity and sense of spirituality we feel in Gardens as the lyrics.  Our next show is on Nov. 20 in Brooklyn as part of Temple Beth Emeth’s Ditmas Acoustic series.  More info on the calendar page…

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