Of Minutiae and Memory in the TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2011 on Textura

My new solo album of electro-acoustic music for my voice & cello, Of Minutiae and Memory, is #8 on Textura’s “Best 20 Albums of 2011.”  I’m honored!

Of Minutiae and Memory was released on Aug. 30, 2011 by New Amsterdam Records.  It’s available on iTunes and Amazon.com.  www.newamsterdamrecords.com

“There’s much to admire about this forty-seven-minute recording, but perhaps its greatest feat is the ease with which the classical and experimental are so seamlessly married. To her credit, Redhage makes it all sound effortless. She’s clearly no dabbler testing the experimental waters, so to speak, during the off-hours beyond the safe confines of her day job, but rather a bold adventurer charting an intensely personalized course through her own ethereal sound-world. The album finds her breathing its electro-acoustic air as if born to it.”  -Textura Magazine

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