Thank You Kickstarter Backers!

Wonderful Backers,

We have mailed out the backer rewards to all who have provided addresses.  Those of you who donated $25 and up should have already received your autographed physical album(s), and those of you who gave $10 and up should have received an invitation from “Dropbox” in your email inbox to download the full album.  If you haven’t seen the email with the Dropbox link please check your spam folder, as I’ve heard from some folks that the email was relegated to their spam.  If you didn’t get the link to download the album and you should, please email

We are gearing up for our official album release on Sunnyside Records on May 7!  We have three east coast album release shows coming up:

1. Wednesday, May 8 in New York City, 9:00 pm at SubCulture.  Tickets and info are HERE and are $15 in advance, $18 the door.

2. Saturday, May 18 in Boston, 5:00 pm at Mount Auburn’s Story Chapel in Cambridge.  Tickets and info are HERE and are $20.

3. Saturday, June 1 at the United States Botanic Garden in D.C. at 2:00 pm in theGarden Court, and information is HERE.

Please help us spread the word about these concerts to your friends in these cities!

We have a new website!  Please visit us!

And please take a minute to like us on Facebook if you haven’t

We are SO GRATEFUL for the boost you all gave us in making our debut album a reality!  A million hugs, and let us know if some of those backers rewards didn’t make it; we’ll send them again.


Rose & the Nightingale

Jody Redhage, Laila Biali, Leala Cyr, and Sara Caswell

Questions?  Please contact:

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