Poetry & Songwriting Workshop


Rose & the Nightingale’s Poetry Takes Flight Through Song Workshop is a unique collaborative experience in which students (ages Pre-K through college) engage with poetry and language on a higher level than comprehension, learn basic techniques for composition and songwriting, and experience the pride and camaraderie that emerges from a performance alongside world class chamber musicians.

In the workshop, students write original haiku poetry and work with Rose & the Nightingale to transform their poems into the lyrics of new songs, collaboratively composed.  Using enormous music staff paper, R&N members teach the students different composition and songwriting techniques, reiterating the goal that “the music elucidate the meaning of the words.”  Discussing and demonstrating music aspects such as rhythmic scansion (regularizing and notating the natural cadence of speech), time signature, tempo, key (major vs. minor), timbre, dynamics, instrumentation, word painting, and others, R&N members help the students make their own decisions about how to musically set their words, collaboratively crafting the class songs.  Students participate in a final culminating performance in which the new songs are premiered, performing alongside Rose & the Nightingale as spoken word artists, percussionists, singers, or instrumentalists.
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The workshop and final performance offer members of a community the experience to be involved in a creative process similar to what professional composers and songwriters employ while crafting their work.  Inspired by Rose & the Nightingale’s Spirit of the Garden song cycle, the residency encourages students to create new works combining literary and musical aspects, and provides a special and unique opportunity for students to perform alongside a world class chamber music ensemble.
Rose & the Nightingale has developed three-hour or one-hour workshop formats, followed by a final culminating concert open to the parents & public in which the workshop participants perform the newly created songs alongside Rose & the Nightingale.  Rose & the Nightingale has modified the workshop for different individualized scenarios and time frames, and can personalize the format.
Please contact jody.redhage@gmail.com or fill out the Get in Touch form on the Contact page for more information on booking the Poetry Takes Flight Through Song Workshop at your school, botanical garden, camp, church, community center, or other site.

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